About Us


The Restaurant-Museum "Roata Vremii" represents the cradle of the history and culture of Moldova. Each art object here represents a particle of Romanian folklore and soul. Bessarabia (or Moldova) is located between the Prut and Dniester rivers. The multitude of traditional elements present here gives a feeling of time travel, in the times when people ate healthy, a lot and well. Each room of the restaurant reflects important milestones or moments in the history of Moldova.

The Restaurant-Museum "Roata Vremii" is unique not only by what it offered to the glorious past of Moldova, but also by what added in its charm and greatness the diligence and spirit of the Moldovans.

We also offer a "culinary museum" of traditional Moldovan dishes, with lots of wines from the Moldovan collection.

We expect you every day to relive the moments of romance specific to Bessarabian culture, art and history.